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    Mike & Crys Rothon

    We read your article about Pat Shaw in the latest ED&S with great interest as we have a great admiration for him as well.

    The reason for writing to you is to bring to your attention the ‘Pat Shaw Collection’ of dances and tunes compiled and edited by Marjorie Fennessy (of which I am sure you are aware) and the fact that they were published by the late Harry Styles, and we think that he should get a mention within your Legacy Group.

    Harry was not merely a background publisher but a folk musician and dancer as well (and also an instrument maker). At the time of the Pat Shaw publication he ran a folk dance band called Barley Mow (which included his son Tony and ourselves) and I am sure that his expertise added greatly to the production of the ‘Collection’.

    All best wishes,
    Mike & Crys Rothon

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    Robert Moir

    It is always good to hear from fellow enthusiasts of Pat Shaw and his wonderful contribution to the Folk world.

    Hazel and I met Harry and Peggy Styles when they joined us on the annual Winter Dance Holidays on several occasions, and we shared some happy times together.

    As it happens Marjorie Fennessy has been in touch recently with their daughter in connection with other Pat Shaw matters.

    You will know that space limitations often mean that it is not possible to print all the information one might wish.

    You will be interested to learn that the second edition of the book has been going well and a reprint has been ordered to keep up with demand.

    Best Wishes

    Robert Moir

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    A reference has been to the “Pat Shaw Collection of Dances” page acknowledging Harry Styles as the publisher of the original “Pat Shaw Collection”.


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