Three stories which came too late for inclusion in the text –

David Fleming-Williams told more of Maggie Stickle from Unst in Shetland – Maggie played the fiddle and did delicate Shetland shawl work that went for sale at Harrods.

George Peterson from Shetland recounted another story from when Pat was in Papa – it was a fine, warm day and a man called Peter Scott was out in the field working when a half naked figure went sprinting past heading for the sea, so Peter followed to see who it was and what they were up to. When he reached the low rocks at the sea then a “birsy” (hairy) face looked up at him out of the water, and this was Pat swimming in the sea! It took the man by surprise as although Shetland men were well known for their seamanship, very few could swim.

Tony Foxworthy recalled a time when he was calling at a dance and Pat was a musician in the band. There were not enough copies of the music but by the time Tony had finished the walk through of the dance, Pat had made three more copies of the music for the rest of the band. Tony also said that the most annoying thing about Pat was that he was always right!

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