CD Out Now!

Dave and Victoria Yeomans, along with Ian and Margaret Jones, are delighted to launch a CD to accompany Pat Shaw’s collection of 120 dance interpretations. Called Another Look at Playford, the 19-track CD is one of the many Pat Shaw centenary projects in 2017, and includes some familiar tunes and some never previously recorded. The CD can be purchased from Dave & Victoria Yeomans (, Ian & Margaret Jones (, Folk Sales ( and from any member of the Pat Shaw Legacy Group.


  1. Nampwich Fair
  2. Punchbowl
  3. Spring Garden
  4. Gasconne
  5. Joy after Sorrow
  6. Somerset House
  7. Hombey House
  8. Paddy Whack
  9. Hair’s Maggot
  10. Woolly and Georgey
  11. Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig
  12. Cobbler’s Hornpipe
  13. Buckingham House
  14. Humours of the Age
  15. Prince George
  16. Mad Moll
  17. Burlington House
  18. Whimbleton House
  19. Country Courtship

Price £12 plus £1 p&p (UK Sales)