Comments from the Editor

This book of memories of Pat was developed from around 180 individual memories – from those written at the time of his death to those collected in the last few years. Indeed some of the writers herein have long been dead themselves which shows just how important the written word is to enable future generations to appreciate and share in events long gone.

It aims to give a flavor of a man of many talents who was loved and mourned by many.

Despite all our best efforts, I am afraid we are aware of the following errors in the text of the book. These are – in page order –

P20 – Hugh Rippon, in his review of the book for eds, the magazine of the English Folk Dance and Song Sociey, pointed out that line 22 should read New England and not New Zealand. It was a mistake in the original article.
P20 – last line of penultimate paragraph – Gaillard as spelt means ‘valiant’. What was intended was Galliard – ‘a quick and lively dance in triple time for two persons’. The spelling was correct in the original text from 1966.
P57 – in the fourth paragraph I describe Aly Bain as a ‘famous Scottish fiddler’. Aly is, of course, from Shetland.
P106 – third paragraph, last line ‘Skeries’ should be ‘Skerries’.
P119 – in Violet Tulloch‘s contribution, Violet spoke of the recording made of Margaret‘s Waltz by Aly Bain and it should have read Willie Johnson not Willie Anderson. This was my mistake in transcribing Violet‘s words and I apologize to her for it.
P122 – when describing the five ferries between Shetland and the(n) Scottish Mainland, an errant ‘n’ has crept in.
P133 – Aatje Vink should read Aartje Vink.
P139 – 3rd line from the bottom there is a 1 instead of an I
P180 – half way down in the transcription of the letter “whom I’ve just rung” not “rang”
We are upset that these should have slipped through and are pointing them out here so that, hopefully, they will not be pointed out again. I hope they will not detract from your pleasure in reading the book although I am aware that there are those who delight in finding and pointing out such errors.

Since completion of the text, I have become aware of other material which could have been included and I was given three additional memories of Pat. Please refer to the section headed Additional Material for the former and the Further Memories section for the latter – where you can also include any further memories you may have.

Brenda Godrich 5.8.2010