Collection-of-DancesIt is now over 30 years since the ‘Pat Shaw Collection’ of dances and tunes, compiled and edited by Marjorie Fennessy , was published by the late Harry Styles.

With renewed interest in his life through the memories of his friends in ‘Pat Shaw 1917-1977’ edited by Brenda Godrich, it seems the right time to republish Books 1-3 of his dances in a single more friendly form together with one new dance that was lost in a Dutch publication.

The publication of ‘Pat Shaw 1917-1977’ and this book ‘Pat Shaw Collection of Dances’ has only been possible due to a bequest to Marjorie Fennessy by Vi Le Maistre (15.5.1915 – 31.3.2007), who was a fine musician and a very great friend of Marjorie’s.


This is the second book of a series of three which Marjorie Fennessy has instigated and funded in memory of Pat Shaw.