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    Mike Wilson-Jones

    I have just collected my copy of ALAP and wanted to congratulate you and all the others involved in its production. It will be a valuable addition to my collection of reference works, although I really do no teaching these days. I recollect going through so many of these dances at Whirligigs and wrote out so many sheets of instructions, many of which I could not use as I did not have the music to go with them. This will enable me to prune my ‘big book’ of individual instruction sheets! The additional notes, including Pat’s at the time, are also informative. I wonder if the book will bring back into vogue a number of Pat’s researches and dance interpretations, which I feel have been swamped by a plethora of new dance material, much of which I do not care for. I feel there is no one who has the knack of fitting the right tunes to the right dances and interpreting them in such a way as to make the one fit the other so well. This, of course, he also achieved so well in his own dance creations.

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