Pat Shaw Recordings



Selected and “cleaned up”

Title Disc Accompanist Link
Abroad as I was walking HMV B 9965 Gerald Moore Listen 1'11"
As I walked out   unaccompanied Listen 0'24"
As I walked through the Meadows   unaccompanied Listen 1'22"
Bingo   unaccompanied Listen 1'10"
Black is the Colour   unaccompanied Listen 2'53"
Bold Fisherman   piano Listen 2'03"
Bonny Wee Thing   piano Listen 1'54"
Branch of May   unaccompanied Listen 2'09"
Brisk Young Widow, The   unaccompanied Listen 1'07"
Bushes and Briars (4 verses) HMV B 9775 unaccompanied Listen 2'49"
Bushes and Briars (8 verses)   unaccompanied Listen 4'36"
CherryTree Carol, The HMV B 9776 Isabel Bedlington Listen 2'27"
Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer   piano Listen 1'27"
Cripple Creek Girls   unaccompanied Listen 0'28"
Cripple Creek Girls (longer version)   unaccompanied Listen 0'53"
Crowfish Man, The   unaccompanied Listen 1'14"
Crowfish Man, The   piano Listen 1'13"
Crucifixion, The   piano Listen 3'04"
Dance to Your Daddy   unaccompanied Listen 1'06"
Deaf Old Woman’s Courtship, The   piano Listen 0'57"
Death of Queen Jane   guitar Listen 3'30"
Do you call that Religion   piano Listen 2'54"
Down in yon Forest (2 verses)   piano Listen 1'21"
Down in yon Forest (7 verses)   piano Listen 3'57"
Evening Prayer, The HMV B 9964 Gerald Moore Listen 2'38"
Farmer’s Wife and the Devil   Margaret Smith Listen 2'10"
Four Marys   Cliff Earnshaw Listen 2'26"
Froggy Would A-Wooing Go   guitar Listen 1'50"
Gloucestershire Wassail HMV B 9964 Gerald Moore Listen 2'48"
Go find my true love   piano Listen 2'13"
Going to Shout   piano Listen 1'19"
Hi, Hi, Ho   piano Listen 1'35"
Hold On   piano Listen 3'42"
Holly and the Ivy, The   Isabel Bedlington Listen 2'11"
I gave my love a cherry   piano Listen 1'34"
I met her in the garden where the praties grow   Samuel Liddle Listen 2'01"
I once loved a boy   unaccompanied Listen 1'12"
I will give my love an apple   piano Listen 1'38"
I wish I were on yonder hill   piano Listen 4'28"
If I had a Ribbon Blue   piano Listen 1'12"
It Rains and it Hails   unaccompanied Listen 0'38"
It Was One Summer’s Morning   piano Listen 2'58"
Jesus, Jesus, Rest your head   piano Listen 2'52"
Kangaroo, A   piano Listen 1'15"
King Herod and the Cock HMV B 9776? Isabel Bedlington? Listen 1'38"
King Herod and the Cock   unaccompanied Listen 1'03"
King Pharim   unaccompanied Listen 1'44"
Lark in the Morn   unaccompanied Listen 1'11"
Lavender’s Blue   piano Listen 1'02"
Lemady   piano Listen 2'23"
Lemady   unaccompanied Listen 2'19"
Lord Dunwaters   unaccompanied Listen 2'45"
Lord Rendell   unaccompanied Listen 4'10"
Lord’s Prayer, The   Gerald Moore Listen 2'31"
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John HMV B 9964 Gerald Moore See Evening Prayer
My Boy Willy   piano Listen 1'26"
Nina Sevena, The Queen of (the Russian) Ballet   piano Listen 2'43"
O Sally My Dear   piano Listen 1'20"
O Waly Waly HMV B 9965 Gerald Moore Listen 3'29"
On Christmas Night HMV B 9776? Isabel Bedlington? Listen 1'36"
Ploughboy, The     See Lark in the Morn
Ploughman, The   unaccompanied Listen 1'12"
Poor old Horse   piano Listen 2'01"
Queen Jane   piano Listen 2'15"
Riddle Song     See I gave my love a cherry
Robin, The   piano Listen 1'28"
Sailor Home From Sea, The   piano Listen 1'49"
Searching for Lambs   unaccompanied Listen 1'37"
Searching for Lambs   unaccompanied Listen 1'54"
Seeds of Love HMV B 9775? Isabel Bedlington? Listen 2'33"
She’s like a Swallow   piano Listen 2'33"
Stingo was his Name   piano Listen 1'07"
There was an old Woman     See Go find my true love
Thinking tonight of my Blue Eyes   piano Listen 0'59"
This is the truth sent from above   unaccompanied Listen 1'45"
Trees They do Grow High, The   unaccompanied Listen 2'36"
Twa Sisters, The (Hedinbro)   unaccompanied Listen 1'56"
Twelve Days of Christmas, The   unaccompanied Listen 2'33"
Unquiet Grave, The   piano and violin Listen 4'13"
Wake up darling it rains (4 verses)     See Crowfish Man
Wake up darling it rains (3 verses)     See Crowfish Man
Wassail (Nothing we could find)   unaccompanied Listen 1'11"
Wassail, A Wassail   unaccompanied Listen 0'56"
Wassail, Gloucestershire     See Gloucestershire Wassail
Were you there?   piano Listen 3'03"

Songs for Children

with Mary Rowland, instruments played by James Blades and Joan Rimmer

1. Aiken DrumListen 1'42"
2. Ground HogListen 0'50"
3. Down by the RiverListen 1'31"
4. PeanutsListen 1'23"
5. The SurpriseListen 0'57"
6. Mister BanjoListen 1'44"
7. Oh, come and dance with meListen 1'47"
9. MariettaListen 1'38"
11. Jinny Crack CornListen 1'17"
12. Mango WalkListen 1'09"
13. Khasi’s LullabyListen 1'10"
14. When you beat on the DrumListen 1'41"
15. One, two, three, a’laryListen 0'50"
16. ToadyListen 1'06"
17. Sur le pont d’AvignonListen 1'16"
18. There was a Pig went out to digListen 1'17"
20. Mistress BrownListen 0'51"
21. The BellsListen 1'44"
23. Three Little PigsListen 1'07"
25. Husho, sleepy-headListen 1'58"

Foreign Songs

Mae’r esgid fachListen 1'02"
Gama falonListen 0'28"
Dat du min leevrten biistListen 0'43"
Bi bi og blahaListen 0'32"
Quand la miejo mineListen 1'07"
Raslo drooListen 1'33"
Ich habe mir sines erwaeletListen 1'22"
Per agnet torrent avalListen 0'47"
Yo ba (Swiss)Listen 3'46"
Kella BukkListen 1'00"
Hi, Ho, How rockenva (Welsh)Listen 1'31"
I’m so deep in love (Welsh)Listen 1'08"
Mien harrier (Welsh)Listen 1'07"
Boom (French)Listen 2'45"
French song No 1Listen 1'50"
French song No 2Listen 1'27"
Au Claire de la Lune (French)Listen 1'42"
Finnish song No 1Listen 2'51"
Finnish song No 2Listen 1'57"

Pat Shaw in Holland

tape recordings made during the 25th anniversary of his first visit to Holland

Teaching Levi Jackson RagListen 6'37"
Teaching Walpole CottageListen 9'48"
Teaching Streets of LaredoListen 6'23"
Teaching Martial BaronListen 5'46"
Teaching HelwiggeryListen 12'04"
Teaching Another Nancy’s FancyListen 1'11"
Singing a South African SongListen 3'26"
Singing an Orkney New Year SongListen 2'57"
Singing Alleluia Christmas CarolListen 3'11"
Singing an Irish SongListen 3'59"
Singing There was a PiperListen 2'29"
Speech by Anton van RenssenListen 1'58"
Suite by Anton van Renssen 1Listen 1'53"
Suite by Anton van Renssen 2Listen 2'24"
Suite by Anton van Renssen 3Listen 2'13"
Playing Dutch street organ 1Listen 1'47"
Playing Dutch street organ 2Listen 2'20"
Playing Dutch street organ 3Listen 1'19"

Pat Shaw calling square dances

Recording via several tape and cassette transfers may have affected speed.
Please send information on correct speeds.

Dip and Dive (Redwing)Decca F 9853Listen 3'17"
Jingle BellsDecca F 9853Listen 3'13"
Hinkey Dinkey Parley VousDecca F 9854Listen 3'05"


Blow the Wind Southerly
The Black Nag
Derbyshire Reel
Listen 3'07"
The Gay Gordons
Scapa Flow
Atholl Highlanders
Listen 2'59"
Tune from King Arthur (oboe)Listen 0'43"
Trumpet Tune (oboe)Listen 0'34"
Purcell Jig (oboe)Listen 1'14"